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education requirements

The Idaho Real Estate Commission (IREC) requires licensees who wish to renew on active status are required to complete two (2) commission core courses plus twelve (12) classroom hours of continuing education (Idaho Code 54-2023(1)). A cycle is typically 2 years in length and ends on the last day of the licensee’s birthday month.

Most classes advertised count towards the elective credits and will indicate that in the description. If it is a Core Course, it will clearly indicate that as well. For example, “4 CE” indicates 4 continuing education elective credits and “4 Core” indicates Core credits. The course number can also assist in determining the type of credits. If the course number is E0###, it will be an elective. If the course number begins C#### and has a year following, it is a Core Course (Ex: C2015).

For your first active renewal as a real estate licensee, the requirements are different. You must complete a mandatory Post License Fundamentals Course (8 hours) and one of the following three electives: Post License Introduction to Commercial Real Estate (4 hours); Post License Pricing, Marketing, and Advertising (4 hours); or, Post License Professionalism, Negotiations, and Closings (4 hours).

To find out how many credits you have or when your license expires, check your education history online at

code of ethics requirment

Every three years, all REALTORS® are required to complete code of ethics training. The current three-year cycle ends December 31, 2024. Only certain classes will meet this requirement.  If you are unsure about the courses you have taken, you can log on to your IREC online services account at to see a list of the courses that you have completed.  Questions regarding license renewal can be directed to IREC at (208)334-3285 but they cannot answer questions regarding the ethics requirement.”



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