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1. How Much are my 2021 annual membership dues?


Your REALTOR® Membership includes three organizations: they include your local, state and national associations of REALTORS®. The dues are collected by the local association and forwarded to the state and national associations. The 2021 membership dues are:


    LOCAL                $ 164.00

    STATE                 $ 180.00    

    NATIONAL         $ 185.00       

    Optional RPAC   $   30.00


Total including RPAC   $ 559.00


NOTE: A $25.00 late fee will be assessed on any payments after December 31, 2020




2. How will I receive my dues invoice?


Your dues invoice will be emailed out.




3. When is my payment due?


Your payment is due upon receiving your statement but your payment is not considered past due until after December 31, 2020



4. How can I pay my dues?


Pay online through the National Association of REALTORS® website at and click on 'Pay Dues'. 




5. Is there any late fees?


Yes, The Board Of Directors voted that all dues that have not been paid by the close of business on  December 31, 2020 there will be a late fee.




7. Why do I pay dues?


Your dues dollars support programs to enhance the level of professionalism through the Code of Ethics and educational opportunities available. Help support the strengthening of the REALTOR® brand to help gain consumer confidence. Your dues gives us the ability to develop and offer the tools you need to succeed. Your dues also help the REALTORS® voice to be heard at the local, state and federal governments.


8. Why did my dues increase for 2019?


The National Association of REALTORS has announced that the NAR portion of your 2019 dues will increase by $30 (from $155 to $185).  NAR has provided the following for the dues increase:

 $17 Dedicated to REALTOR® Party Programming

(75% of the increase is allocated to state and local services / 25% of the increase is allocated to federal advocacy). REALTOR® Party increase is centered on:


  • Federal Issues Advocacy

  • State and Local Issues Mobilization Fund

    $13 Dedicated for Operations and Programming. Operating increase is focused on:

  • Forms &Transaction Management Platform

  • Occupancy Costs

  • Strategic Business, Innovation & Technology

  • Financial Wellness Program for Members


    Click here for more information on NAR’s explanation for membership dues

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