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Human Trafficking for Nampa Civic 2023

Nampa REALTORS® Community Advocacy Efforts

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For over 40 years, Nampa REALTORS® have raised close to $300,000 to support deserving high school students. In 2023 seven students were each awarded $1,500 scholarships and one local teacher received a $1,000 grant to use for resources in their classroom.

Our Annual Shoe Drive has been an amazing success, collecting hundreds of shoes and socks for needy Nampa school students.

After the extra efforts from our Team at Idaho Realtors Exec. Committee, the Transfer and Sale of Real Estate continues to be classified as an "Essential Infrastructure" when many states were not, and our Industry has been able to continue to work through the Pandemic.

Again, this year the DEI Committee met several times, the DEI Committee conducted several activities including randomly mixing up the participants where they were asked to sit with other members they didn't know and share their stories about their life experiences and how they impacted their view on the issues of DEI. In addition, we conducted several events to bring awareness to these issues, including supporting Community Outreach Behavioral Services.

Human Trafficking Event in September, with special guest speaker, Elizabeth Smart. Over 550 members of the community and our association attended. The event was held at no cost to the attendees and received widespread media coverage, see the links below. Due to widespread support and grants from various donors we were able to cover the costs and issue donations to the Malouf Foundation and Community Outreach Behavioral Services. We believe we have started something, that we brought attention to this epidemic that is happening in our community.


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