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Please Check the Deadline for Each Application

REALTOR® of the Year

REALTOR® of the Year. To recognize and award REALTOR® members of the NAMPA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® for effort and work expended in the interest of their fellow REALTORS®, their profession and the community.  To demonstrate to the general public with these outstanding examples, the work done by REALTORS®.

The Bob & Idella Young Community Service Award 

Good Neighbor Award

The Bob & Idella Young Community Service Award is given to any REALTOR® who has given of his or her time to community service and not necessarily time to our industry. 

Larry Hobson Award

Larry Hobson was a fun loving REALTOR® who enjoyed life and fellow REALTORS®. Larry was a team player and a real encourager. The Larry Hobson Spirit Award, is given to a REALTOR® who has shown REALTOR® spirit, for the last year.

The Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Award is to be given to a REALTOR® who works behind the scenes and never seeks recognition for their efforts.  Without this person, many things would not get accomplished.

Top Producer

Recognizing Outstanding Production Performance for 2021. 

Rookie of the Year

Nominations are being sought for the Nampa Association of REALTOR'S® Rookie of the Year.  The Rookie of the Year should demonstrate a commitment to the Real Estate industry, education, and the community.  

Affiliate Honor Roll/NAOR Affiliate of the Year

2022  Application for Affiliate Honor Roll and NAOR Affiliate of the Year

Broker of the year

Nominations are being sought for the Nampa Association of REALTOR'S® Broker of the Year, in recognition of his or her individual achievements in their role, as well as their commitment to the industry and advocating for the Association. Brokers, managers, and active agents are all eligible
to nominate a candidate they feel would be deserving of this award. A scoring system will be used that is fair to all

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